Concerning Circumcision

The practice of circumcision should have ended when Man still lived in the Era of the Ram (approximately 2019 years ago), in accordance with God’s promise made to Abraham at the end of the Era of Sagittarius. This period was the so-called recessive Age of Silver. And yet, to this day, some religions still prescribe circumcision.

In accordance with the will of God, as revealed in the New Testament, the fact of having been circumcised no longer ensures access to the Kingdom of God. Quite the contrary, it condemns even more harshly the circumcised than the uncircumcised. If we look back in history, we can see how the Jewish people were recognized according to this practice and, unfortunately, persecuted by others because of that. According to the Torah, or Old Testament, all men who undergo circumcision must obey the commands of the Law: "Certes, la circoncision est utile, si tu pratiques la loi ; mais si tu transgresses la loi, ta circoncision devient incirconcision" (Romains 2-25).

And yet, due to its ignorance and lack of self-knowledge, mankind is incapable of abiding by this Law. Everyday, by its way of acting and thinking, mankind, transgresses God’s commandments which define the Law: "Car nul ne sera justifié devant lui par les œuvres de la loi, puisque c'est par la loi que vient la connaissance du péché" (Romains 3-20).

It is actually quite easy to understand why this is so if we analyze the explanation of the First Commandment from a spiritual standpoint: "Jésus répondit : Voici le premier : Ecoute Israël, le Seigneur est un, et tu aimeras le Seigneur, ton Dieu, de tout ton cœur, de toute ton âme, de toute ta pensée et de toute ta force. Voici le second : Tu aimeras ton prochain comme toi-même. Il n'y a pas d'autre commandement plus grand que celux-là" (Marc 12-29.30.31).

We can clearly see that man, dominated by his dualistic consciousness, does not respect and apply the First Commandment or the subsequent ones for that matter. To avoid transgressing God’s Law, man would necessarily have to be able to comprehend the unity of God’s reign throughout the universe. But, inside his inferior consciousness, man gazes at the multiplicity and at his own individuality. Which means, in his own mind (which in fact belongs to God), he replaces the uniqueness of God’s existence with his own self, thus condemning himself to a continuation of the practice of circumcision which does not protect against anything, but actually increases the punishment: "Toi qui te donnes le nom de Juif, qui te reposes sur la loi, qui te glorifies de Dieu, qui connais sa volonté, qui, instruit par la loi, sais discerner ce qui est important, toi qui te persuades d'être le conducteur des aveugles, la lumière de ceux qui sont dans les ténèbres, l'éducateur des insensés, le maître des enfants, parce que tu as dans la loi la formule de la connaissance et de la vérité ; toi donc, qui enseignes les autres, tu ne t'enseignes pas toi-même !…Toi qui te fais une gloire de la loi, tu déshonores Dieu par la transgression de la loi !" (Romains 2-17.23).

Given that we are no longer the teachers of the Law since Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled his destiny and became the Christ, circumcision is no longer of any use to those who practice it. Quite the contrary, this act hinders their spiritual evolution because they are dominated by dogmas and religious rituals. But this does not mean that circumcised people cannot reintegrate the spiritual plane. Souls undergoing spiritual evolution can become reincarnated (due to karmic reasons) into families that practice circumcision, but that will not necessarily harm their spiritual advancement: "Car ce qui compte, ce n'est ni la circoncision ni l'incirconcision, mais c'est d'être une nouvelle créature" (Galates 6-15).

The spiritual accomplishment of man through faith instead of mere observance of the Law should have already been achieved 2000 years ago. Because we live under the grace of God and not under the Law of retribution:  "Et je l'atteste encore une fois à tout homme qui se fait circoncire : il est tenu de pratiquer la loi toute entière. Vous êtes séparés de Christ, vous qui cherchez la justification dans la loi ; vous êtes déchus de la grâce. Pour nous, c'est de la foi que nous attendons, par l'Esprit, l'espérance de la justice. Car, en Christ, ce qui a de la valeur, ce n'est ni la circoncision ni l'incirconcision, mais la foi qui est agissante par l'amour" (Galates 5-3.6).

A true circumcision is not achieved by the hands of men, but through the Spirit of God which fulfills itself in man (1). This true circumcision can only be accomplished by faith, and not through the Law, when we give up our own individuality in order to reintegrate the perfect consciousness of God within ourselves. Thanks to the realization of perfect Love in our relative soul (our psychical body), we can reject the power of the ego (the flesh) which enslaves our subtle bodies, thus allowing Christ (the Self of God) to express himself as it was written: "En lui aussi vous avez été circoncis d'une circoncision qui n'est pas faite par la main des hommes ; c'est-à-dire le dépouillement du corps de la chair (ego); la circoncision du Christ" (Colossiens 2-11).

Date de dernière mise à jour : 17/12/2019